Retail and wholesale coffee 
Sale of coffee in Keurig brand capsule (k-cup) 
Nespresso residential and professional. 

We also offer a selection of gourmet coffee first 
quality ground or bean. 

Sale of coffee Machine 
Distribution SG sales coffee machines which are 
manufactured by companies that have a global reputation 
and provides guarantees up to 2 years on parts 
and labor. 

Rental service coffee machine 
Distribution SG can lease 
coffee machine, whether for your office meeting, 
an anniversary, a corporate event etc ... 
Just email us and a 
representative will call you to give you more 

Coffee break service 
If you want one of our coffee machine in your 
break room, office or other, we provide
various programs. Please contact us 
for more information.

 Customer service

Distribution SG offers a repair service and technical support, 7days a week, 24 hours a day for all our customers. We have machines for replacement in case if the coffee machine can't be repaired on site or if a part is on order. There is no fee to replace the machine if the machine is under warranty and if the customer purchased the coffee machine with us. 

Maintenance and Restoration Service
Distribution SG offers maintenance plans tailored to our customers. We repair all makes and models of coffee machine.Our maintenance and repair work are done at the client and restoration are done at our repair shop.