Welcome at Distribution SG

 Distribution SG is located in Greater 

Montreal and we offer personalized service in the 
selling of coffee capsule, serial 
professional and residential capsule gourmet coffee. 

For several years the gourmet coffee capsule  
is gaining popularity whatsoever in the 
home, office, corner coffee break or in the 
restaurant and hotel bussiness. 

Distribution SG is specialized in coffee 
capsule because our goal is to offer coffee 
quality brews and offer the infusion of 
perfect cup of gourmet coffee in less than 90 seconds 
without having to grind beans, measure the amount of 
coffee and handle or clean filters. It 
Simple as that. 

Our variety of gourmet coffee, flavored and espresso 
is more than 150 flavors. 

Whether the first cup of coffee or last of your  
day, he will always have the same taste, infusion 
after infusion. 

Good coffee!